ViewMyHome videos are designed to support your online marketing presence by creating a video tour of your property and your local area. The videos allow your prospective clients to view your property and location from the comfort of their own homes, offices or handheld devices (click on pictures below)


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View My Home property video’s and photography makes your property really stand-out online

View My Home allows your prospective clients to view your property from the comfort of their home or office, using laptop P.C.’s or handheld devices 24 hrs a day 7 days a week, With View My Home products your property is always on view everywhere in the world

If a picture can paint a thousand words think what 25 frames per second can do.             

Our tour video to give clients a flavor of the property when browsing the internet and a detailed walk through room by room view lists all the features and aspects of the property. Key locations are also published on the video, showing the clients exactly where the property is and giving them a feel for the surrounding area.

The advantage of this process is it allows clients to short list their preferences from the comfort of their home anywhere in the world and gives you an edge on the competition,

View My Home produces short films on virtual tours of the properties. This entails filming a short movie of approximately 2 minutes for people who want a quick browse and a detailed film of 10-20 minutes detailing every aspect and feature of the property, allowing the viewer to short list the preferred properties for visiting from the virtual tour list available to them while in the comfort of their home,

View My Home is used to support sales & marketing material for private, commercial and tourist properties and can be embedded on your website

For more information contact Liam at  Tel:086 3162312 or e-mail: 

View My Home is a property and company online sales support multimedia product of HiPerformance.

View My Home online support tools are designed for companies and property owners who wish to show their properties for sale or rent, this includes private and commercial proprieties, View My Home shows the property on all popular online media and links all advertising material to your virtual tour.

View My Home gives clients quality access to the property without been there, allowing clients from all over the world to view.

View My Home can also be of benefit to architects, builders and engineers who wish to build a portfolio of their work.